Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sidegarden weeded

heres Reginald. He likes to sit with his butt on one step and feeet on the next one down.

Here is the amaranth and broomcorn- just grew it to see for fun. it did real well but i had to tie it up after a big storm. the Broom corn is almost to the second story window.
And here is a view looking East along the sidegarden. Looks a lot better after i cleared the forest that appeared while we were gone

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sidegarden before-weeding pictures

Well heres the sidegarden. Overgrown with weeds and pretty bad looking. And theres my girlfriend Mirabai standing in front of the tallest weeds in this side. The main garden is worse. She was making a funny face in this picture. We finished weeding the sidegarden today and ill take the after pictures tomorrow when the light is better. It looks a lot better weeded.

In this garden patch we planted lettuce, spinach, radishes, kale, swiss chard, two kinds of carrots, amaranth, broomcorn, two kinds of tomatoes which are all rotten, Rooster spur peppers, horticulture beans,cucumbers, 2 kinds of onions, basil, cilantro, and some perennial flowers I dont know the names of but Mirabai does. I also planted 2 Gooseberry bushes here. Back behind it by the big concrete cellar under the window i planted 3 serviceberry and 3 Aronia bushes and transplanted a big peony that was going to get destroyed.

This second picture here shows the tomatos good. they are the big tangled of green stuff at the right of the picture. Supertall things behind it are the broomcorn and the amaranth is to the left of that. It has the cool red flowers on it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First blog

So this is what a blog is. Always heard of em but now i know what they are and i have one. Pictures will be up soon. Tomorrow. I hope.